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Tag: Lawn Replacement

Wildflower Seed Mixes

Tree of Life Nursery offers several native wildflower seed mixes which are an excellent addition to drought tolerant landscapes. The blends were developed for use

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Native Plant Groundcovers

The low-growing, spreading habit of certain California natives make them ideal groundcovers for planting in masses on slopes, in the front of mixed border plantings,

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The Watershed Garden

The importance and application of creating a water conscious garden. In this presentation, Jodie describes designing and implementing a garden in concert with your local watershed.

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The Basic 1-2-3 on Soils for Native Plants

Always try to match the soil, the conditions, and the plant for great success every time. You can only alter the qualities of the soil to a certain extent. The same goes for the site conditions. But plant choices…ahhh, you have hundreds!

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Planting Guide

Instructions for Planting and Care: Your native plants are in top condition and ready to plant. Like all nursery stock, these plants when brought into

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