Retail at Tree of Life Nursery

Welcome to Tree of Life Nursery! We are not your typical nursery. For over 40 years we have been building beautiful and healthy habitats one yard at a time by providing California native plants to the public. Plants, books, garden decor and unique gifts can be found in Casa ‘La Paz.’ Recently, we have also added a full line of seasonally available, organically grown vegetable starters in the new wing of Tree of Life, ‘La Finca.’ 

Over these last 40 years we have compiled amazing resources and experiences that we want to pass along to you. Customers who discover the nursery for the first time are delighted by the natural setting and enlightened with the information that greets them when they make the trip out the Ortega Highway. Once you have engaged with your native garden, seeing the butterflies and hummingbirds arrive and then stay to make a home in your garden, you will wonder how you ever lived without it.


Monday - Saturday 9am - 3:30pm.


Only service dogs allowed (our nursery dogs can be unpredictable)

We cannot accept returns on plants due to pest management policies.

NO guarantees on plants.

We are not able to rent our space for special events

Close toed shoes are highly suggested


Tree of Life hosts speakers from all over southern CA to talk about the native plants and natural history of CA. Check out our monthly events page to learn more.

Grab a cart with Tree of Life labels and a sharpie to get started shopping at Casa 'La Paz'
Making your own plant labels helps you connect with each new plant you place on your cart.
Casa 'La Paz' is surrounded by native California habitat. Here you can experience our plants in their natural forms and watch the birds and butterflies that have come to call this place their home. Take a walk through our demonstration gardens to get a feel for a garden theme or to see what your 1 gallon plant will look like at full maturity.
Take a look inside our gift shop to find books for children and adults on gardening, natural and cultural history and all things 'California.' Find unique gift items from local artists and indigenous Californians that help tell the story of an authentic California.
Get expert advice from our retail staff and view our detailed plant signs to find the perfect additions to your California native garden.
Stop into The Roundhouse to find new and vintage pottery as well as our California native wildflower seed mixes.

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