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June in the Natural Garden

June, 2022 in the Natural Garden. Your natural garden should be just fine in your absence, perhaps it’s at a stage having become “self-sustaining,” so you can go play in nature.

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April in the Natural Garden

Diversity. It is what makes southern California’s flora so amazing, and the lack thereof is what makes southern California’s “ornamental” public landscape so dull. Take a hike, prepared with camera, sketch pad or notebook and you’re in for a pleasant treat.

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Experience Tree of Life Nursery

Every month we invite you to learn with us and honored guests for Tree of Life Workshops. Topics range from landscape design to natural history of California.

“Take care of the land and the land will take care of you.”

— Margarita Petra Maria de la Concepcion 'Daisy' O'Neill (1879-1981)

Recent Videos

Create & Care for a Native Plant Garden

Planning and planting your garden and getting your California native plants off to a good start is the first fun step in creating your landscape. Long-term care, sometimes called “maintenance,” is more about connecting and engaging with your garden than working through a list of chores.

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Introduction to Plant Propagation

Tree of Life Nursery is a California Native Plant Nursery in San Juan Capistrano. In this video, the Production Manager, Kevin Alison, introduces you to the world of plant propagation using examples with California native plants. In this presentation, Kevin will discuss growing plants from seeds, cuttings, and advanced methods such as plant tissue culture.

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Provide inspiration, information, and all the goods necessary, especially high quality native plants, so people can experience nature’s healing salve in their California gardens.


People. Places. Plants.

Be fair to everyone; customers, staff, suppliers, colleagues, & associates.

Work to preserve, restore, beautify, and celebrate California’s natural beauty everywhere..

Speak the language of California’s native plants and consistently propagate, produce, and provide them to the benefit of people and places.


Promote gardens in attractive accessible settings that showcase the essence of California’s natural beauty, so everyone can experience the authentic feel of our wild places.