“Take care of the land and the land will take care of you.”

— Margarita Petra Maria de la Concepcion 'Daisy' O'Neill (1879-1981)

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November in the Natural Garden

Fall is in the air and the breeze, in the soil and on the calendar. And just in time, as always, comes the perfect precursor for winter, when our natural gardens grow ever quiet.

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October in the Natural Garden

A season of hope. A look to the skies for the start of our rains. New birds arriving from distant lands, long migrations while others have left, flown south. The beginning of the horticultural year in the California natural garden.

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September in the Natural Garden

We’re entering one of our two “tweener” months… we call May “pre-summer” and September “post-summer.” Now we see fall ambling up the way towards us, with not a care in the world.

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Every month we invite you to learn with us and honored guests for Tree of Life Workshops. Topics range from landscape design to natural history of California.

Recent Videos

Plants of the California Deserts

Kevin Alison details California desert plants and how they are used in the garden. Kevin covers the evolution of desert habitats and common adaptations of desert plants that allow them to survive and thrive in hot, dry climates. Kevin also highlights desert species that can be planted throughout the summer and add summer color to your garden!

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Designing with California Native Plants

Randi Gunder is an experienced Landscape Designer, whom specializes in California’s Native Plants. In this video, she breaks down her design process and guides us through her professional tips to help you create your ideal native landscape.

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To embody the spirit of California in native plant culture.


People. Places. Plants.

Be fair to everyone; customers, staff, suppliers, colleagues, & associates.

Work to preserve, restore, beautify, and celebrate California’s natural beauty everywhere..

Speak the language of California’s native plants and consistently propagate, produce, and provide them to the benefit of people and places.


Promote gardens in attractive accessible settings that showcase the essence of California’s natural beauty, so everyone can experience the authentic feel of our wild places.