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April in the Natural Garden

Diversity. It is what makes southern California’s flora so amazing, and the lack thereof is what makes southern California’s “ornamental” public landscape so dull. Take a hike, prepared with camera, sketch pad or notebook and you’re in for a pleasant treat.

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March in the Natural Garden

Spring will have sprung after March 20, 2022. Natural gardens everywhere, even the wild ones planted by God himself, will be bursting into new realms of new life in the next few weeks.

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Experience Tree of Life Nursery

Every month we invite you to learn with us and honored guests for Tree of Life Workshops. Topics range from landscape design to natural history of California.

“Take care of the land and the land will take care of you.”

— Margarita Petra Maria de la Concepcion 'Daisy' O'Neill (1879-1981)

Recent Videos

Introduction to Plant Propagation

Tree of Life Nursery is a California Native Plant Nursery in San Juan Capistrano. In this video, the Production Manager, Kevin Alison, introduces you to the world of plant propagation using examples with California native plants. In this presentation, Kevin will discuss growing plants from seeds, cuttings, and advanced methods such as plant tissue culture.

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Plant It Right! (English and Spanish)

Mike Evans, walks you through the proper horticultural technique of how to plant a plant with success.
En este video, el presidente de Tree of Life Nursery, Mike Evans, lo guía a través de la técnica hortícola adecuada para plantar una planta con éxito garantizado.

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Designing With California Native Plants

Join Randi Gunder, Tree of Life Nursery’s in-house landscape designer, as she goes over the basics of California native plant design. Randi wants you to walk away from this workshop feeling inspired and confident when it comes to your native plant garden.

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Provide inspiration, information, and all the goods necessary, especially high quality native plants, so people can experience nature’s healing salve in their California gardens.


People. Places. Plants.

Be fair to everyone; customers, staff, suppliers, colleagues, & associates.

Work to preserve, restore, beautify, and celebrate California’s natural beauty everywhere..

Speak the language of California’s native plants and consistently propagate, produce, and provide them to the benefit of people and places.


Promote gardens in attractive accessible settings that showcase the essence of California’s natural beauty, so everyone can experience the authentic feel of our wild places.