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Provide inspiration, information, plants and all the goods necessary for people to experience nature’s healing salve in a California natural garden.


People. Places. Plants.

Be fair to everyone; customers, staff, suppliers, colleagues, & associates.

Preserve, restore, and celebrate California’s natural beauty.

Speak the language of California’s native plants and consistently propagate, produce, and provide them to the benefit of people and places.


Promote gardens that showcase California’s wild natural beauty.


September in the Natural Garden 2021

Happy New Year! At least that’s the word around Tree of Life today, as September 1 has always been the date we make all things new. We keep our propagation
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August in the Natural Garden 2021

We’re rounding the corner toward the home stretch… the end of summer. There’s still hot weather ahead and proper watering will be important, but as the days wane a little
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July in the Natural Garden 2021

Buckwheats and butterflies, long days, warm nights, and afternoon heat that you can almost hear reverberating around the garden… or is it simply the audible buzz of busy pollinators? You
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Experience Tree of Life Nursery

Every Saturday we invite you to learn with us and honored guests for a Tree of Life Workshop. Topics range from landscape design to natural history of California.

“Take care of the land and the land will take care of you.”

— Margarita Petra Maria de la Concepcion 'Daisy' O'Neill (1879-1981)

Recent Videos

Plants of the Channel Islands

Kevin Alison introduces you to the unique species of California's Channel Islands. Kevin also tells the natural history of these plants, some interesting evolutionary adaptations, and how these plants can be used in the natural garden.
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Shady With Katie

Katie will go over some of our favorite California shade plants that can be planted all year long. Learn how to brighten dark areas of your garden and bring color and seasonal interest to those space.
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Ocean Institute’s Native Maritime Garden

After stewing over this for around 10 years, Mike Evans will finally let off some steam and attempt to make some sense out of southern California’s “Mulch Madness” in his presentation “The Low Down Dirt on Mulch.” Watch Mike discuss what works and what doesn’t in regards to putting stuff on the surface of your soil in your native garden.
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