For long term (installation over 3 months away) and/or on-going projects requiring large numbers or special types of plants, a ‘contract grow’ is recommended. This assures the best plant selection, ready when you need it. Call us or check our large selection of plants we can grow for you. Contact us as early as possible and we will help your project succeed.


Did you know that Tree of Life Nursery has 20 acres of plants in inventory with an additional 20 acres of ground to accommodate any growing needs you may have?

Though we do have plenty of plants on hand, our regular inventory may not be sufficient to meet your needs on a very large project. As many companies have discovered, the crucial element to assure availability of the native plants you may need is through a contract growing arrangement with us here at Tree of Life Nursery. Through planning ahead with us as your partner, we can help you secure all of the plants that you may need when you need them.

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1. Contact us with a list of plants you would like to request early!

Try to give us as much information as possible about your project, most importantly, names, quantities and sizes of the plants you are looking for. It is also a good idea to include the project name, location, and the time when you need to have the plant material available. Every contract is unique and we tailor each one to meet your specific needs. Contracts must meet a minimum of $2,000. Site-specific contract grows must meet a minimum of 200 container plants per species and the $2,000 order minimum. 

 2. Begin a discussion with us!

We want to work with you if we think that particular plants may fail due to being used in a poor location, (i.e. coastal plants in inland valleys with no irrigation!). We may be able to suggest some viable substitutes. Feel free to call us as you begin to plan out your plant list. When we know which species and sizes you want, we can respond with which plants can realistically be available in time for your project. All plant availability is subject to propagation material available, growing time, and time of year. We are happy to produce material from specific source plants or seed. Seed or cuttings must be provided to us by the customer at the appropriate time. 

3. Plants vary. Timing varies.

Send your project plant lists to us as early as possible. Usually, 6 to 9 months’ lead time is sufficient, but depending on your plant requirements and time of year, much shorter turnaround can be possible. In some cases more time will be needed. As with any project, planning ahead will save you a lot of time, energy and stress. When in doubt, send the list earlier rather than later!

4. Secure the plant material by returning the contract and sending a deposit.

Our contracts are simple, short, and straightforward. Return the contract to us with the required deposit of at least 25%. Each contract is unique, and in certain circumstances we will ask for up to 50% of the price total.

5. Delays and Maintenance.

The best laid plans of mice and men so often go astray. The terms of our contract also deal specifically with delays and maintenance. We always try our best to meet your needs throughout the duration of a contract and we try to be as flexible (and friendly) as possible!

6. Communication, communication, communication!

It is VERY important to let us know about any delays in your project. We may be able to help you much more than you know, so please, do not hesitate to call! The more we know about your project, and, specifically, about whether or not you will be able to receive the plants on time the better off the deliveries will go. Also, note that our trucks get very busy, so it is a good idea to call at least two weeks early to arrange your delivery date.

Most of you are familiar with the benefits of using native plants. For more information on naturalistic plantings and the California Garden please check out the rest of our website. As always, NEVER hesitate to call. Here at Tree of Life Nursery we hope to provide you with the very best service and friendliness as you begin this year’s projects. We look forward to working with you and continuing to provide Southern California with the highest quality of plants for native landscapes available. May you enjoy a year full of native plants and successful planning!