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Category: Habitat Gardening

Milkweed & Monarchs: How You Made a Difference

We’re doing it! The numbers are in. In 2021, Tree of Life customers took home and planted around 8,000 native milkweed plants consisting of three species. Other vendors were involved as well. Rogers Gardens in Newport Beach reports sales of around 4,000 plants.

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Native California Plants for Native Bees and Pollinators

It is important to keep in mind when planting to use a variety of flowers that will provide access to our great range of pollinators. Equally important is providing food for pollinators year round. This can be achieved by keeping in mind a calendar of color when you are choosing your plants.

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Hard Working Native Plants

The following is a list of native plants that you can put in the ground and virtually forget about except to enjoy their beauty and marvel at their efficiency. These plants work for a living and really earn their place in your landscape.

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Wildflower Seed Mixes

Tree of Life Nursery offers several native wildflower seed mixes which are an excellent addition to drought tolerant landscapes. The blends were developed for use

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Natives for Butterflies

Drought tolerant native plants are beneficial for species-specific native butterflies that depend on just one or a few types of plants as larval hosts.

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Butterfly Bundles

The following six plants are guaranteed to get your butterfly garden started. You may have chosen to go with all six of one species or

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