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Category: Garden Planning Tools

Native Bees: Biology, Bee-havior, & Research

honey bees aren’t the only pollinator that helps plants thrive. Southern California is a biodiversity hotspot, home to over 700 species of native bees. As urban development marches on, native plant gardens can be a crucial stepping stone for wild bees.

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Create a Native School Garden

Join us as we visit famed educator, horticulturist, and CNPS Ambassador, Tony Tubbs! In this workshop, Mr. Tubbs (as his students call him) shares his expertise in creating community-engaged education gardens. Tony tells us the story of these California native gardens and tips on how he created, funded, and maintains them for restoration, education, and community project.

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Getting Your Garden Summer Ready

May is an important time in the natural garden with anticipation of long summer heat. In this virtual workshop, Tree of Life Nursery shows you how to properly prepare your garden the coming hot summer season.

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Mindfulness in the Native Garden

Join us, as Melissa Adylia Calasanz C-IAYT leads a multi-sensory exploration of the healing and stress-relieving qualities of California native plants through meditation, aromatherapy, and

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Series: Hey Mike!

Tree of Life Nursery owner, Mike Evans, details the horticultural techniques of Pinch Pruning, hand watering and dead-heading your California Native Plants. Hand Watering: Pinch

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Common Questions about Summer Planting

We would like to say that all of your questions about summer gardening could be answered in this post, but we would need a whole new website for that! So here we have most of our most popular questions about summer gardening. Hope this helps! Happy Gardening.

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