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Summer Workshops: August

Summer Sessions: Replace Your Lawn Workshop Series

bad and good

Thinking of changing your water-thirsty and care intensive lawn into a beautiful low-water use landscape?  Consider featuring water-smart California native plants instead! The summer months can be a challenging time to plant natives in the landscape, but it is an ideal time to plot the demise of your lawn and to plan the creation of your new native garden.

One of our most popular workshop series from the past year was our Replace Your Lawn (RYL) Workshops, a three part series that covers the basics of tearing out your lawn, planning a new native landscape and choosing native plants appropriate for your site and conditions.  This summer is a great time to get the information we offer in the RYL series, they are: I: Kill the grass!, II: Creating and Caring – Design Elements, and, III: Plant Selection.  Details about each workshop can be found here.

The first three Fridays in August will be dedicated to the Replace Your Lawn Workshop series, with one part offered each Friday.  The last Friday in August will be a morning-long event where we will offer all three parts on one day. All of the workshops are FREE.  Schedule is as follows:

Replace Your Lawn I: Kill the Grass!
August 7, 9:30 AM

Replace Your Lawn II: Creating and Caring For Your Native Garden – Design Elements
August 14, 9:30 AM

Replace Your Lawn III: Plant Selection – Top 30 Plants
August 21, 9:30 AM

Replace Your Lawn I-III: All workshops, One day!
August 28, 8:30 AM-12:00 PM — I – 8:30, II – 9:30, III: 10:30

Come out to the nursery EARLY to beat the heat of late summer and cram all of the information about Replacing Your Lawn into one day!

A good way to learn about native plants is to take advantage of the long summer days and get out for a hike so that you may learn about the plants in their natural environment.  It is also an ideal time to look in books and magazines or to do research online and get inspired with different ideas for your garden.  If you can’t make it to our workshops, be sure to check out our Kill Your Lawn! area of the website.

This workshop series will repeat on the first three SATURDAYS in November.  Check back for more details about our workshops.