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Garden Allies: The Insects, Birds & Other Animals

Tree of Life Nursery and the Orange County Chapter of the California Native Plant Society (CNPS) were honored to have Frederique Lavoipiere present the topic of her book, Garden Allies: The Insects, Birds and Other Animals that Keep Your Garden Beautiful and Thriving”.

Her book has the following description: “The birds, mammals, reptiles, and insects that inhabit our yards and gardens are overwhelmingly on our side—they are not our enemies, but instead our allies. They pollinate our flowers and vegetable crops, and they keep pests in check. In Garden Allies, Frédérique Lavoipierre shares fascinating portraits of these creatures, describing their life cycles and showing how they keep the garden’s ecology in balance. Also included is helpful information on how to nurture and welcome these valuable creatures into your garden. With beautiful pen-and-ink drawings by Craig Latker, Garden Allies invites you to make friends with the creatures that fill your garden—the reward is a renewed sense of nature’s beauty and a garden humming with life.”

Garden Allies: The Insects, Birds & Other Animals