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Silver Highlights in the California Native Garden

The following list of native plants contains some of the most beautiful, drought-adapted native foliage available. To feature these plants in your landscape, combine several species including trees, shrubs and ground covers for a silvery garden that glows in the moonlight or combine with a few evergreen staples for a more subtle gray theme. For detailed information about individual species see our Tree of Life Catalog.

Genus speciesPlant NameH/W
Abutilon palmeriIndian mallow5’ x 5’
Arctostaphylos glaucaBig berry manzanita15’ x 10’
Arctostaphylos ‘Lester Rowntree’Manzanita shrub/tree9’ x 10’
Arctostaphylos ‘Pacific Mist’Manzanita groundcover2’ x 6’
Artemisia pycnocephalaBeach sagewort2’ x 3’
Artemisia tridentataGreat basin sagebrush5’ x 3’
Corethrogyne ‘Silver CarpetSilver carpet aster1’ x 6’
Dudleya pulverulenta, virens ssp. hasseiLive-forever1’ x 1’
Encelia farinosaBrittlebush3’ x 4’
Epilobium ‘Wayne’s Silver’Silver fuchsia2’x 2’
Eriogonum cinereumAshy-leaf buckwheat3’ x 6’
Eriogonum crocatumConejo buckwheat1’ x 2’
Eriogonum giganteumSaint Catherine’s lace6’ x 6’
Eriophyllum confertiflorumGolden yarrow2’ x 3’
Eriophyllum neviniiCatalina silverlace3’ x 4’
Mahonia neviniiNevin’s barberry12’ x 12’
Peritoma arboreaBladderpod4’ x 5’
Quercus engelmanniEngleman oak30’ x 25’
Salvia apianaWhite sage5’ x 5’
Salvia leucophyllaSage5’ x 5’
Sphaeralcea ambiguaApricot mallow3’ x 3’