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Colorful California Native Perennials

This list of colorful perennials will liven up your yard, attract pollinators, lighten up dark spots and have people asking ‘what is that flower?’ Mix these in amongst some of our great California native shrubs and ground-covers and you will have a garden that looks full and alive year round. For more detailed information about individual species see our Tree of Life Catalog

Genus speciesPlant Name Description
Achillea millefoliumYarrow 1-2’tall/2-3’wide, white flowers, soft textured leaves
Camissoniopsis cheiranthifoliaBeach evening primrose 1’tall/3’wide, yellow flowers, forms dense mats
Chrysopsis villosa ‘San Bruno Mountain’ Hairy golden aster 1’tall/2-3’wide, golden flowers, profuse blooms
Epilobium species California fuschia 1-3’tall/3’wide, red flowers, hummingbird favorite
Erigeron glaucus selections Seaside daisy 1’tall/1-3’wide, lavender flowers, clumping and compact
Eriogonum species Buckwheat wide range of choices in height and flower color
Grindelia camporum Gumplant 2’tall/1’wide, yellow flowers, interesting flower bud
Heuchera hybrids Coral bells 1’tall/1-2’wide, white to pink flowers, color for shady spaces
Iris Pacific Coast Hybrids California iris hybrid1’tall/2’wide, white to purple flowers, dramatic bright flowers
Linum lewisii Blue flax 2’tall/2’wide, blue flowers, fern-like foliage
Monardella species Coyote mint 1-2’tall/2-3’wide, purple flowers, minty fragrance
Penstemon species California penstemon 1-3’tall/3’wide, purple to red flowers, striking tubular flowers
Potentilla fruticosa Bush cinquefoil3’tall/4’wide, yellow flowers, unique foliage, stems age to white
Salvia spathacea Hummingbird sage 2’tall/3’wide, magenta flowers, distinct pleasant fragrance
Sisyrinchium bellum Blue eyed grass 1’tall/1’wide, blue flowers, graceful meadow effect
Solidago californica California goldenrod 1-2’tall/3’wide, golden flowers, cottage garden effect
Symphyotrichum chilense California aster 1’tall/3’wide, purple flowers, profuse bloomer