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Plant Catalog

Download our 40-page plant catalog, including information on over 500 native plants.

Featured Plants

Read special articles about Galvezia, Epilobium, Buckwheats and more here.

Planning Tools

Download special handouts designed to help you plan.  Our 10-page Maintenance Guide, the Plant Respecifier, and a planting guide outlining our recommendations for how to plant native plants and more.

Wildflower Seed Mixes

Download information about the wildflower seed mixes available here at Tree of Life Nursery

Plant Profiles

Descriptions for individual species and varieties with color pictures… a valuable reference for professional designers and enthusiastic homeowners.

Thirty Plants

After thirty years of experience working with California native plants, we have compiled a short-list of the must-haves for the native garden.  A great way to get started with knowing the fundamentals.


Featured Photo Credit: Sarah Bryant, Tree of Life Nursery ©