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July at Tree of Life Nursery

Reciprocal Gardening Workshop Series

Be inspired! Join us for this four week series featuring fellow gardeners and their journey toward the native garden of their dreams. All workshops are free and begin at 9:30 am.

July 7 
Summer Nursery Tour
See what is blooming at Tree of Life this summer! We’ll lead a tour of our gardens with a focus on summer bloomers and how you can create seasonal interest in your garden and providing year round habitat pollinators, birds, and more!

July 14
Lessons of a Native Gardener: A Journey of Trial and Error
Catherine Waters is a life long gardener and came from a family of gardeners. Trained as an ornamental horticulturist, she became interested in residential and small scale habitat gardening for wildlife in an urban setting. She and her husband, Robert, when they retired, began a journey of trial and error to establish a native garden that taught them to redefine their concept of beauty and their concept of a garden. Join us as Catherine recounts her experiences and shares her lessons learned.

July 21
Reciprocal Relationships
At Tree of Life for the last 30 years or so, we have used the word “Engage” for inspiring people to get involved and connected with their natural gardens. In building a landscape featuring native plants, you make a place for people to interact with nature. In this partnership, so desperately needed in our society, nature always gives more than she takes, providing us healing, wellness, and renewal. Come to this workshop to learn how to build a natural garden, how to engage with and care for it, and how to enjoy this unique reciprocal relationship.

July 28
Reflections of a Butterfly Gardener
Join Dr. Leon Baginski as he reflects upon and shares his journey with butterfly gardening. Native butterflies and moths are facing dwindling numbers due to habitat loss and degradation, but we can use our gardens as sanctuary’s for these beautiful beneficials. He will teach you how to create and provide habitat for butterflies and moths using native plants, as well as share what experiences and gifts they have provided him in return.



Featured Photo Credit: Kris Ethington