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August Design Series

All workshops are free and begin at 9:30 AM.

August 4
Design and Plant Selection
Join us for a discussion with designer Rob Moore about plant selection and its relationship to the design process. Aesthetics vs. habitat value: how Trees, shrubs, perennials, grasses, succulents, and annuals stack up in the drought tolerant garden.

August 11
Natives for the Permaculture Garden
Become more inspired by the beauty and function of California native plants. Join regenerative landscape designer Ryan Serrano for a seminar that  will focus on using California native plants to stack function and beauty into your landscape. We will highlight plant species and strategies that can integrate well with your home food and medicine production, subsist as part of your greywater recycling systems and function well in storm water runoff basins. For the regenerative living enthusiast ready to go deeper with their understanding of what is possible with native plants.

August 18
Designing with Plant Communities
Come learn how you can use naturally occurring plant communities in your yard to create a functional and authentic native California garden. Designer Josh Link will cover several different plant communities, highlighting appropriate locations and conditions for each community, as well as the common plant species found there. Understanding your local plant community provides a logical foundation from which to start selecting the ideal plants for your garden. By choosing appropriate and thoughtfully grouped plants, you will ensure a cohesive garden theme that will look coordinated and will also thrive for years to come.

August 25
Design Basics
Pat Overby is a lifetime educator and long time designer of California native plant gardens. Her many years of expertise coupled with her ability to educate make her one of the most easy to follow design instructors we’ve had. If you want practical information about how to get started with what can be a daunting task of changing your landscape, you will NOT want to miss this workshop. Come ready to work out some of your pressing questions with Pat as this tends to be an interactive and fun workshop.


Featured Photo: Mike Evans, Tree of Life Nursery ©