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Winter Solstice 2020

Winter Solstice 2020

The sun’s lowest arc

Drawn across the southern sky

On winter solstice

The air clear and dry

Eighty eight degrees in my camp

Unseasonable heat

It’s peaceful today

Birds find water easily

At faucet’s drip drip

Dakota laid out

As I sit at my table

He’s near the kindling

I had a good nap

Just before eating my lunch

Nice breeze through the trees

Tonight two planets

Will merge together as one


The ancients marked such

With sojourns to caves or hills

And etchings in stone

I had a sandwich

Roast beef cheese mustard mayo

Corn chips on the side

A flicker just perched

Atop the leaky hose bib

Twisting down to drink

There’s no rain in sight

Just long shadows and bright light

This place is quiet