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Tree of Life Nursery – Wholesale Services


Our wholesale customers include environmental and biological consulting firms, landscape contractors, landscape architects and landscape designers, as well as government agencies, cities, parks, homeowners’ associations, schools and educational facilities and not-for-profit organizations. TOLN must deal directly and exclusively with the industry professional to qualify for wholesale prices. (Please click here for Retail hours and directions).


TOLN does not publish a price or availability list. You may Request a Quote on our website by clicking here.  Materials requests can also be faxed to our sales office with desired sizes and quantities noted as well as approximate date the order is needed. Most orders must be picked up at the nursery in the ‘will-call’ area during regular business hours. See “Service Area” (below) for delivery information. Orders can be held for up to 2 weeks.


Our general service area includes southwestern California (special orders only for Santa Barbara county). Orders that meet the minimum for delivery will be charged a fee, and scheduled according to destination, truck availability and advance notice.  Please see our Delivery Schedule to see fees and to calculate mileage from our site to yours using Google Maps.


Wholesale customers are welcome to browse and help themselves in the retail sales area around Casa ‘La Paz’, where plants from our inventory are on display with helpful signage. The Wholesale Sales staff is generally not available for assisting with plant selection during the week, however the Casa ‘La Paz’ is open to the public for Retail sales Monday-Friday year round, and Saturdays Fall through Spring. Click here for complete retail hours information.


For long term (installation over 3 months away) and/or on-going projects requiring large numbers of plants, a ‘contract grow’ is arranged. This assures plant availability and a smooth transaction. The contract, in which TOLN and the customer agree to specific terms, requires a 25% deposit in order to initiate production and/or reserve plant material. Check the catalog for helpful information on the lead-time required to produce the different types of plant material. For details about arranging a contract with Tree of Life Nursery, click here.