Sep-Oct Events 2014

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October Events Preview

This Saturday!
October 4, 2014

Our first Saturday back to regular hours 9a-4p, 10% off all plant purchases!
10:00 am - 11:00 am Four Seasons of Native Plants
Speaker: Lili Singer, from the Theodore Payne Foundation in Sun Valley, CA

October 11, 2014
9:30 am - 12:30 am Replace Your Lawn 4 in 1 Workshop
Speakers: Jeff Bohn, Rama Nayeri, Colin Dunleavy and Patty Roess

October 18, 2014
9:30 am - OC Friendly Garden Day - Water District Rebate Promotion Day
Local Water Districts will be on site to promote the many outdoor water use rebates available to their customers!

October 25, 2014

9am-4pm: California Native Plant Membership Day - Orange County Chapter
Guest speakers all day long, chapter volunteers available for questions and plant help, 10% discount on plants for all members, and incentives for new memberships!

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Dudleya: California Live-Forever

Tree of Life Nursery's own contract specialist, Suzie muses about Dudleya...

California’s native succulents, like Transformers™, are more than meets the eye. Or so my colleague describes them… And though sort of nerdy (yet trendy at the same time), the pop culture reference does fit these little native accents!monarch chrysalis on dudleya

The live-forevers, genus Dudleya, are a group of plants that offer us an opportunity to be amazed at seasonal changes. Like many native plants, the Dudleyas have the ability to take what nature gives them and survive! In nature they seem to hang effortlessly from crevices on cliff faces. After fading during the dry months, many of these plants appear out of nowhere emerging from their dormant shadow during the rainy season. The semi desiccated dormancy allows Dudleyas to withstand the dry season and as a bonus adds, what one may call, a stealth plant, to the gardeners arsenal. In nature, the seasonal replumping and blooming never fails to make me stop short when I realize again that there are these gorgeous plants on a seemingly uninhabitable rock wall!

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City of San Clemente Pilot Program

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City of San Clemente Water Pilot Program: Design Assistance Rebate

SoCal WaterSmart Rebates...
If you are thinking about removing your lawn and replacing it with native plants, all Orange County residents are welcome to cash in on reimbursements for lawn replacements at up to $2 per square foot through Municipal Water District of Orange County, (MWDOC). The MWDOC rebate is for new projects removing turf and replacing with water efficient landscaping, apply for your rebate BEFORE removing or killing your lawn. (Here’s the website for details on that rebate program.)

Pilot Program Reimburses City of San Clemente Water Customers $30 for Design Assistance provided by Tree of Life Nursery’s Designers in Residence.

Attention Residents of the City of San Clemente!
This just in: City of San Clemente Water customers can cash in on reimbursements for design consultations at Tree of Life Nursery in addition to the MWDOC square foot rebate program. In order to help their customers save water, the City of San Clemente has partnered with Tree of Life Nursery to create a simple and straightforward pilot program providing their customers assistance as they convert thirsty turf into beautiful native gardens.

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Avoid Traffic at Ortega Hwy!

Exit on Camino Capistrano if you're headed Northbound on I-5, or Juniperro Serra if you're headed Southbound to avoid congestion at the I-5/SR-74 (Ortega Highway) interchange. Please see our article for information HERE. Or, DOT official information HERE.


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