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October Availability

October Availability

Availability changes constantly, as our new crops become ready and our saleable material moves out. This Availability List is updated every month and will give you a general idea of our current inventory.

For more accurate daily availability, including the actual quantities and details on conditions, please call us at (949) 728-0685, or email us at

We grow many crops in large and small quantities by special order or on a contract-grow basis.

If you are looking for a native plant which is not on the list, be sure to call, as many of our plants are not listed. This web-based Tree of Life Nursery Availability List is very general and is only intended to serve as a real-time planning tool for your native plant projects.

1GAcalypha californicaX
2GAcalypha californicaX
1GAcer macrophyllumX
5GAcer macrophyllumX
1GAchillea 'Heidi'X
1GAchillea 'Paprika'X
1GAchillea millefolium 'Island Pink'X
1GAchillea millefoliumX
1GAcmispon (Lotus) argophyllus var. argenteusX
2GAcmispon (Lotus) argophyllus var. argenteusX
6"Acmispon (Lotus) argophyllus var. argenteusX
1GAdenostoma fasciculatum 'Nicolas'X
1GAdenostoma fasciculatumX
6"Adiantum capillus-venerisX
1GAgave desertiX
1GAgave geminifloraX
1GAgave parryi parryiX
1GAgrostis exarataX
1GAllium abramsiiX
1GAlnus rhombifoliaX
5GAlnus rhombifoliaX
15GAlnus rhombifoliaX
1GAmorpha fruticosaX
5GAmorpha fruticosaX
1GAnemopsis californicaX
1GAnisacanthus quadrifidus var. wrightiiX
2GAntigonon leptopusX
1GArct uva-ursi 'Massachusetts'X
1GArctostaphylos 'Anchor Bay'X
1GArctostaphylos 'Big Sur'X
1GArctostaphylos 'Byrd Hill'X
5GArctostaphylos 'Byrd Hill'X
15GArctostaphylos 'Byrd Hill'X
1GArctostaphylos 'Canyon Sparkles'X
5GArctostaphylos 'Canyon Sparkles'X
1GArctostaphylos 'Carmel Sur'X
2GArctostaphylos 'Carmel Sur'X
1GArctostaphylos 'Emerald Carpet'X
1GArctostaphylos 'Howard McMinn'X
1GArctostaphylos 'John Dourley'X
5GArctostaphylos 'John Dourley'X
1GArctostaphylos 'Lester Rowntree'X
2GArctostaphylos 'Lester Rowntree'X
5GArctostaphylos 'Lester Rowntree'X
1GArctostaphylos 'Louis Edmunds'X
5GArctostaphylos 'Louis Edmunds'X
1GArctostaphylos 'Monterey Carpet'X
1GArctostaphylos 'Pacific Mist'X
2GArctostaphylos 'Pacific Mist'X
5GArctostaphylos 'Pacific Mist'X
1GArctostaphylos 'Point Reyes'X
1GArctostaphylos 'Sentinel'X
1GArctostaphylos 'Sunset'X
2GArctostaphylos 'Sunset'X
5GArctostaphylos 'Sunset'X
1GArctostaphylos 'Wood's Compact'X
5GArctostaphylos 'Wood's Compact'X
2GArctostaphylos andersoniiX
2GArctostaphylos catalinaeX
1GArctostaphylos cruzensisX
1GArctostaphylos glaucaX
5GArctostaphylos glaucaX
2GArctostaphylos hookeri 'Buxifolia'X
2GArctostaphylos morroensisX
2GArctostaphylos otayensisX
1GArctostaphylos pajaroensis 'Paradise'X
5GArctostaphylos pajaroensis 'Paradise'X
1GArctostaphylos pumilaX
1GArctostaphylos refugioensisX
5GArctostaphylos refugioensisX
1GArctostaphylos rudisX
5GArctostaphylos rudisX
1GAristida purpureaX
1GArtemisia californicaX
1GArtemisia douglasianaX
1GArtemisia nesioticaX
2GArtemisia nesioticaX
1GArtemisia palmeriX
6"Artemisia tridentataX
2GAsclepias eriocarpaX
6"Asclepias eriocarpaX
9"Asclepias eriocarpaX
6"Asclepias fascicularisX
9"Asclepias fascicularisX
2GAsclepias speciosaX
6"Asclepias speciosaX
9"Asclepias speciosaX
1GAtriplex canescensX
1GAtriplex lentiformisX
1GBaccharis 'Pigeon Point'X
1GBaccharis 'Twin Peaks'X
1GBaccharis pilularisX
1GBaccharis salicifoliaX
1GBaccharis salicina (emoryii)X
1GBahiopsis (Viguiera) laciniataX
6"Bahiopsis (Viguiera) laciniataX
6"Baileya multiradiataX
1GBerberis (Mahonia) 'Golden Abundance'X
2GBerberis (Mahonia) 'Golden Abundance'X
5GBerberis (Mahonia) 'Golden Abundance'X
2GBerlandiera lyrataX
6"Berlandiera lyrataX
5GBetula occidentalisX
1GBidens nudataX
6"Bidens nudataX
1GBouteloua gracilisX
1GBurroughsia fastigiataX
1GCalamagrostis foliosaX
2GCallaeum (Mascagnia) macropterumX
1GCalylophus hartwegiiX
1GCalystegia macrostegia 'Anacapa Pink'X
1GCamissoniopsis cheiranthifoliaX
1GCarex divulsa (tumulicola)X
1GCarex obnuptaX
1GCarex pansaX
1GCarex praegracilisX
1GCeanothus 'Blue Cushion'X
1GCeanothus 'Centennial'X
2GCeanothus 'Centennial'X
1GCeanothus 'Concha'X
5GCeanothus 'Concha'X
1GCeanothus 'Dark Star'X
1GCeanothus 'Frosty Blue'X
5GCeanothus 'Frosty Blue'X
1GCeanothus 'Frosty Dawn'X
2GCeanothus 'Heart's Desire'X
1GCeanothus 'Joyce Coulter'X
1GCeanothus 'Kurt Zadnik'X
1GCeanothus 'Louis Edmunds'X
2GCeanothus 'Louis Edmunds'X
5GCeanothus 'Louis Edmunds'X
1GCeanothus 'Point Reyes'X
1GCeanothus 'Ray Hartman'X
2GCeanothus 'Ray Hartman'X
5GCeanothus 'Ray Hartman'X
1GCeanothus 'Sierra Blue'X
5GCeanothus 'Sierra Blue'X
1GCeanothus 'Skylark'X
1GCeanothus 'Snow Flurry'X
1GCeanothus 'Snowball'X
1GCeanothus 'Wheeler Canyon'X
5GCeanothus 'Wheeler Canyon'X
1GCeanothus 'Yankee Point'X
5GCeanothus 'Yankee Point'X
5GCeanothus arboreusX
1GCeanothus cyaneusX
1GCeanothus hearstoriumX
1GCeanothus maritimus 'Popcorn'X
2GCeanothus maritimus 'Popcorn'X
1GCeanothus tomentosus olivaceusX
1GCeanothus tomentosusX
1GCercocarpus betuloidesX
5GCercocarpus betuloidesX
5GChilopsis linearisX
1GChrysactinia mexicanaX
6"Chrysactinia mexicanaX
6"Cirsium occidentaleX
1GClinopodium (Satureja) chandleriX
1GClinopodium (Satureja) douglasiiX
1GCondea (Hyptis) emoryiX
1GCorethrogyne 'Silver Carpet'X
6"Corethrogyne 'Silver Carpet'X
1GCornus sericea (stolonifera)X
2GCornus sericea (stolonifera)X
1GCylindropuntia proliferaX
1GDistichlis spicataX
-.4Dudleya brittonii (silver form)X
-.4Dudleya cultrataX
-.4Dudleya hasseiX
6"Dudleya hasseiX
-.4Dudleya ingensX
6"Dudleya lanceolataX
-.4Dudleya virens ssp. insularisX
-.4Dudleya viscidaX
6"Dudleya viscidaX
1GElymus condensatus 'Canyon Prince'X
5GElymus condensatus 'Canyon Prince'X
1GElymus condensatusX
1GEncelia californicaX
6"Encelia californicaX
9"Encelia farinosaX
1GEpilobium 'Catalina'X
2GEpilobium 'Catalina'X
2GEpilobium 'Route 66'X
6"Epilobium 'Wayne's Silver'X
9"Epilobium californicum (white)X
1GEpilobium canumX
6"Epilobium canumX
2GEpipactus giganteaX
1GEricameria palmeriX
1GEriogonum arborescensX
2GEriogonum arborescensX
6"Eriogonum arborescensX
1GEriogonum cinereumX
1GEriogonum crocatumX
6"Eriogonum crocatumX
9"Eriogonum crocatumX
1GEriogonum fasciculatum 'Bruce Dickinson'X
1GEriogonum fasciculatum 'Dana Pt'X
1GEriogonum fasciculatum var. foliolosumX
1GEriogonum giganteumX
1GEuphorbia miseraX
1GFallugia paradoxaX
2GFallugia paradoxaX
1GFestuca 'Siskiyou Blue'X
1GFestuca californicaX
1GFestuca rubra 'Patrick's Point'X
5GForestiera neomexicanaX
1GFragaria chiloensisX
1GFragaria hybrid (pink flower)X
1GFragaria vescaX
1GFrangula (Rhamnus) 'Leatherleaf'X
1GFrangula (Rhamnus) 'Mound San Bruno'X
1GFrangula (Rhamnus) cali 'Eve Case'X
5GFrangula (Rhamnus) cali 'Eve Case'X
1GFrangula (Rhamnus) cali 'Little Sur'X
5GFrangula (Rhamnus) cali 'Little Sur'X
6"Frankenia palmeriX
1GFremontodendron 'Pacific Sunset'X
5GFremontodendron 'Pacific Sunset'X
1GGambelia (Galv) speciosa 'Firecracker'X
2GGambelia (Galv) speciosa 'Firecracker'X
6"Gambelia (Galv) speciosa 'Firecracker'X
1GGambelia (Galvezia) speciosa 'Boca Rosa'X
1GGambelia (Galvezia) speciosaX
2GGambelia (Galvezia) speciosaX
1GGambelia juncea 'Gran Canon'X
1GGarrya elliptica 'Evie'X
1GGrindelia strictaX
1GHazardia squarrosaX
6"Helianthemum scopariumX
5GHesperocyparis (Cupressus) forbesiiX
5GHesperocyparis (Cupressus) stephensonii (arizonica)X
1GHeteromeles arbutifoliaX
5GHeteromeles arbutifoliaX
6"Heuchera 'Old La Rochette'X
1GHeuchera 'Opal'X
2GHeuchera 'Opal'X
6"Heuchera 'Opal'X
2GHeuchera 'Susana'X
6"Heuchera 'Susana'X
6"Heuchera 'Wendy'X
1GHeuchera elegans 'Bella Blanca'X
1GHeuchera maximaX
1GIsocoma menziesii var. menziesiiX
1GIva hayesianaX
1GJuncus acutusX
1GJuncus effusis 'Quartz Creek'X
1GJuncus mexicanusX
1GJuncus textilisX
1GJuncus xiphioidesX
2GJusticia 'Tecate Gold'X
1GJusticia californicaX
2GJusticia purpusiiX
1GKeckiella cordifoliaX
6"Keckiella cordifoliaX
2GLepechinia fragransX
9"Lepechinia fragransX
1GLepidospartum squamatumX
1GLeptosyne (Coreopsis) maritimaX
1GLobelia laxifloraX
2GLobelia laxifloraX
1GLonicera hispidulaX
1GLycium brevipesX
1GLycium californicumX
5GLycium californicumX
1GLyonothamnus floribundus aspleniifoliusX
5GLyonothamnus floribundus aspleniifoliusX
1GMalacothamnus clementinusX
2GMalacothamnus clementinusX
1GMalosma laurinaX
1GMelampodium leucanthumX
6"Melampodium leucanthumX
1GMimulus 'Eleanor'X
6"Mimulus 'Eleanor'X
1GMimulus aurantiacus (puniceus)X
6"Mimulus aurantiacus (puniceus)X
1GMimulus cardinalisX
6"Mimulus cardinalisX
1GMimulus lewisiiX
6"Mimulus lewisiiX
1GMirabilis laevis (californica)X
1GMonardella linoides ssp. vimineaX
6"Monardella macranthaX
1GMonardella odoratissimaX
2GMonardella odoratissimaX
1GMonardella villosa franciscianaX
1GMonardella villosaX
1GMorella (Myrica) californicaX
5GMorella (Myrica) californicaX
1GMuhlenbergia rigensX
1GOpuntia littoralisX
1GOrnithostaphylos oppositifoliaX
1GPenstemon 'Margarita BOP'X
6"Penstemon 'Margarita BOP'X
9"Penstemon 'Margarita BOP'X
6"Penstemon baccharifoliusX
1GPenstemon spectabilisX
1GPeritoma arborea (Cleome isomeris)X
1GPhiladelphus lewisiiX
2GPhiladelphus lewisiiX
5GPhiladelphus lewisiiX
1GPhiladelphus microphyllus 'Desert Snow'X
5GPinus coulteriX
5GPinus torreyanaX
1GPlatanus racemosaX
5GPlatanus racemosaX
15GPlatanus racemosaX
2GPluchea odorata (purpurascens)X
1GPluchea sericeaX
1GPopulus balsamifera ssp. trichocarpaX
1GPopulus fremontiiX
1GPrunus ilicifoliaX
5GPrunus ilicifoliaX
1GPrunus lyoniiX
1GPycnanthemum californicumX
1GQuercus agrifoliaX
5GQuercus agrifoliaX
1GQuercus berberidifoliaX
5GQuercus berberidifoliaX
1GQuercus engelmanniiX
1GRhamnus croceaX
5GRhus integrifolia green formX
1GRhus integrifoliaX
5GRhus integrifoliaX
1GRhus ovataX
1GRibes aureum var. gracillimumX
2GRibes californicumX
1GRibes speciosumX
5GRibes viburnifoliumX
1GRosa californicaX
1GRubus ursinusX
1GRuellia californicaX
1GSalix exiguaX
5GSalix exiguaX
1GSalix gooddingiiX
1GSalix laevigataX
1GSalix lasiolepisX
1GSalvia 'Bee's Bliss'X
1GSalvia 'Jade Carpet'X
1GSalvia 'Skylark'X
2GSalvia 'Skylark'X
1GSalvia 'Tera Seca'X
1GSalvia apianaX
1GSalvia brandegeeiX
2GSalvia brandegeeiX
1GSalvia cedrosensis 'Baja Blanca'X
1GSalvia chamaedryoidesX
5GSalvia chamaedryoidesX
1GSalvia clevelandii (Japatul)X
2GSalvia clevelandii (Japatul)X
1GSalvia clevelandiiX
1GSalvia coahuilensisX
1GSalvia greggii 'Annie'X
1GSalvia greggii 'Lavender Rose'X
1GSalvia greggii 'Sierra San Antonio'X
1GSalvia greggii 'Wild Thing'X
1GSalvia greggii (pink)X
1GSalvia greggii (red)X
2GSalvia greggii (red)X
1GSalvia greggii (white)X
1GSalvia leucophylla 'Amethyst Bluff'X
1GSalvia melliferaX
1GSalvia muelleriX
1GSalvia x microphylla 'Hot Lips'X
1GSambucus nigra ssp. caeruleaX
5GSambucus nigra ssp. caeruleaX
1GSchoenoplectus (Scirpus) californicusX
2GSimmondsia chinensisX
6"Sisyrinchium bellum 'Devon Skies'X
1GSisyrinchium bellum 'Dwarf'X
6"Sisyrinchium bellumX
6"Sisyrinchium californicumX
6"Solidago velutina ssp. californicaX
1GSphaeralcea 'Childerley'X
6"Sphaeralcea 'Childerley'X
1GSphaeralcea ambiguaX
1GStachys bullataX
1GStipa (Nassella) lepidaX
1GSuaeda taxifoliaX
1GThalictrum fendleri var. polycarpumX
6"Thalictrum fendleri var. polycarpumX
1GThymophylla (Dyssodia) pentachaetaX
6"Thymophylla (Dyssodia) pentachaetaX
2GTrichostema lanatum (blanca)X
1GTrichostema lanatumX
5GUmbellularia californicaX
1GVenegasia carpesioidesX
9"Venegasia carpesioidesX
1GVerbena lilacina 'De La Mina'X
1GVerbena lilacinaX
1GVitis girdianaX
1GXylococcus bicolorX
5GXylococcus bicolorX

Photo Availability

Check out some of our best looking native plants this month.

Pictured above: 2g Gambelia speciosa ‘Firecracker’ (Firecracker snapdragon), a horticultural selection introduced by Tree of Life Nursery. Deep red tubular flowers bloom through spring, summer and fall. This Channel Islands native can handle full sun near the coast and partial shade as you move inland. The compact form, 2-3′ h x 3-5′ w, makes it an excellent candidate for use in containers, borders, and understories. The fuzzy light green leaves add lovely contrast in a garden. 

Winter Planning

If you are looking forward to certain species in the winter, let us know now! Contract grows are available for February/March projects.   

Native Plant Guides

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