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Sage Garden Kit

Available November 7th and through Sage Festival on November 12th

$36 per kit

The Sage Garden Kit includes six plants that will help you get your sage garden started. You can plant sage with a few companions in a small space, or as a part of a large comprehensive natural garden. The key: plant sage with its friends and relations in order to supercharge the factors of beauty, habitat, sustainability, functionality, and overall health. You can learn more about plant sage gardens at the blog post below.

Choose Six of the following plants for your Sage Garden Kit!

Mix and match any way you want to create your own sage garden.

Botanical NameCommon NameH x WFormHabitatBloomsSoilNotesHighlightsSunWater        
Artemisia californicaCalifornia Sagebrush3-4’ x 3-4’evergreen shrubuprightspring-fall, inconspicuousadaptablehardy to 20°,drought tolerant, cut back one-third in the fallIconic coastal sagebrush habitat plant, fantastic fragrance in garden, fresh or dried leaves in tea.Full sunlow water needs
Artemisia tridentataGreat Basin Sagebrush3-5’ x 2-4’evergreen shrubuprightsummer, yellow/creamwell-drainedslopes, hardy to -10°, used in smudging, long lifespan, great inlandPerfect for moonlight and sensory gardens. Good in pots.Full sunlow water needs
Calamagrostis foliosaLeafy Reed Grass1-2’ x 2’evergreen grassfountainbrownadaptable, prefers well-drainedcoastal, deer resistant, native to coastal northern CaliforniaAn ornamental grass, with a dense flower spike. Full sun to part shadelow to med water needs
Eriogonum fasciculatum ‘Dana Point’Dana Point Buckwheat2’ x 4’evergreen groundcovermoundingsummer, whiteprefers good drainageFAST growth, finished flowers turn to rust color, introduced by Tree of Life NurseryBeautiful, dense groundcover with dark green foliage. Good on slopes. Nectar used by butterflies.Full sun to part shadelow water needs
Melica imperfectaSmall-Flowered Melica3-4’ x 1’evergreen grassuprightspring, brown/yellowadaptablehardy to 0°, local, can be cut down in summer, understory, clumpsProvide supplemental summer water to keep this grass green, or naturalize; nice salt & pepper flowers.Full sun to part shadelow water needs
Salvia apianaWhite Sage5’ x 4’evergreen shrubuprightspring-summer, whiteadaptable, likes good drainagetall flowering stalks, beautiful gray foliage, perfect for moonlight gardenThis sacred herb has been used for centuries by indigenous people for cooking and smudging.Full sunlow water needs
Salvia leucophyllaPurple Sage2-5'+ x 3-6'+evergreen shrubmoundingspring-summer, lavenderadaptablehardy to 10°, great for containers, slopesFragrant and versatile shrub, grey leaves and soft lavendar flowers.Full sunlow water needs
Solidago californicaCalifornia Goldenrod1-3’ x 2’+evergreen perennialspreadssummer-fall, yellowadaptableextra water in summer, creeping rootstock, upright and showy flowers, medicinal usesProvides nectar for pollinators through summer and fall.Full sun to part shadelow water needs