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Bugs for Plant Nerds

with “BugBob” Allen

May 6, 2023

Starts at 9:30am

A recent count revealed that over 1.8 million living things have been named and described. Did you know:

·         70% of all species on Earth are insects!

·         23% of all species on Earth are plants!

·         80% of all animal species are insects

·         20% of all life is a species of beetle, which means every fifth species of living thing is a species of beetle

·         Earth is a bug planet! How much do you know about them?

Join us for our first-ever workshop about Arthropods (“bugs”). Conducted by Bob “BugBob” Allen (lead author of Wildflowers of Orange County and the Santa Ana Mountains), who will start with an overview of the major groups, then move to sub groups & local species. There will be preserved specimens & photographs to view. With the use of provided hand lenses, we will be able to view specimens up close!

Intended for ages teen to adult (13+). The workshop is $20 per person and requires pre registration on our website. The workshop is limited to 30 attendees, so reserve your space early.