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Our Sage Advice articles have been written to help orient native plant newcomers to important themes and topics. The online articles cover topics ranging how to properly water your native plants to native plants for slopes and dry shade. Join us for our Sage Advice Series where we will highlight and expand upon several of our new and updated Sage Advice articles in anticipation of planting season this October! All workshops start at 9:30 am unless otherwise noted.

September 2
Natives for Slopes
In southern California, it seems, the majority of landscapes have some sort of slope component. There is a great array of suitable low water and low maintenance grasses, shrubs and trees, that when planted will not only help stabilize your slope, but will also be aesthetically pleasing as well as great habitat for many of our native butterflies and birds. Come sit in as Tree of Life’s Sam Manning discusses the options available and how to work them into a beautiful slope landscape. Download the Natives for Slopes Sage Advice here!

Photo: Mike Evans, Tree of Life Nursery ©

September 9
Watering Native Plants
Watering native plant should not be a mystery. Everyone knows they need less water than conventional landscape plants, but there seems to be some confusion on how to water, where to water, when to water, and how much to water. Come learn the details of our new “Watering Native Plants” from the author, Mike Evans. There will be plenty of time for questions you might have regarding your own garden.


September 16
Natives for Dry Shade
Whether it be under a tree or between two buildings, shade is a common and sometimes challenging landscaping situation. Join landscape architect, Jeremy Sison, as he discusses strategies to enhance and draw interest to these dry, shaded areas of your landscape. He will discuss native plants that have adapted to this niche environment and how to use plants with different flower colors, leaf color and texture, and overall plant forms to bring warmth and depth to these darker spaces. Download the Natives for Dry Shade Sage Advice here!

Photo: Kevin Alison, Tree of Life Nursery © 2017

September 23
Hard-Working Natives

Native plant expert Colin Dunleavy will lead a discussion of hard-working, low maintenance native plants. These reliable native plants are great for those beginning or continuing to develop sustainable California gardens. Join us to learn which natives will be dependable and efficient in your garden. Download the Hard-Working Natives Sage Advice here!

September 30
Photo Contest Award Reception: 9am-4pm
Join as we celebrate the winners of our Native Garden Photo Contest! Winning photographs will be on display in Casa ‘La Paz’ throughout the day. There will be refreshments and good company (maybe even a dog or two) so be sure to stop by!

Featured Photo Credit: Sarah Bryant, Tree of Life Nursery © 2016

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