How do I water my native plants?

When is the best time to plant native plants?

What plants are the best for attracting butterflies and hummingbirds?

In response to these and other frequently asked questions, we have written some articles about different topics pertaining to California native plants.

Browse our articles for topics of interest.

# Title Download Description
Arctostaphylos — Manzanita Basics Download Preview

Manzanita, a Spanish word which translates to "little apple," named for its green and red berries, is one of the most attractive and recognizable members of the California flora.

Attractive Container Gardens Download Preview

Can you get a whole ecosystem to fit on your patio?  You can if you use your imagination and a little creativity.

Ceanothus - California Wild Lilac Download Preview

California Wild Lilac, Ceanothus, is one of the most popular native plants for landscapes. This group of evergreen woody shrubs is full of diversity, known for its deep green foliage and vibrant flowers.

Coastal Gardening Plant Selection Download Preview Listed here are a selection of native plants that will thrive in your coastal garden and give it a sense of place.
Colorful Perennials Download Preview

These popular, colorful native perennials will add year-round interest and texture to your California garden.

Creating a Pollinator Garden Download Preview

Flowering plants and pollinating insects have evolved together over time, each depending on the other for survival and reproduction. By mimicking nature in your garden, you can attract these beneficial insects...

Deciduous Shrubs Download Preview

Using decidious shrubs in your landscape is an excellent way to dramatize the effects of the seasons and add depth and character to your garden.

Easy Summer Planting Download Preview

Can't wait until the fall to plant? This list highlights regional, Baja and desert plants that can tolerate being planted in the hot summer months.

Eriogonum — Wild Buckwheat Download Preview

The genus Eriogonum (air-ee-og-uh-num) is the largest in California. Almost 100 species are native to California and range from annuals to shrubs.

Fall / Winter Planting Download Preview

Here are a few things you can be thinking about and doing in your garden during the short days of Fall approaching Winter…

Five Senses Gardening Download Preview
Fragrant Natives Download Preview

As an adaptation to the arid climate in which they grow, many California native plants have high concentrations of oils that are very pleasantly fragrant.

Hard-Working Natives — Highly Efficient Plants that Perform Download Preview

The following is a list of native plants that you can put in the ground and virtually forget about except to enjoy their beauty and marvel at their efficiency.

How to Water Your Native Plants Download Preview

A few helpful tips for establishing native plants in your landscape.

Inland Plant Selection Download Preview A selection native plants that will thrive in hot, inland gardens.
Intermediate Gardening Plant Selection Download Preview These natives are perfect for intermediate gardens. Not sure if your garden qualifies as intermediate, than read on!
Native Edibles Download Preview
Native Grasses Download Preview

Need an attractive addition or accent for your landscape? Consider using some of the striking native grasses.

Native Groundcovers Download Preview

A selection of dependable, low-growing native groundcovers.

Native Plants for Dry Shade Download Preview

The perfect drought-tolerant, shade-loving California plants for that shady spot in your yard.

Native Plants for Native Bees Download Preview

This list highlights native plants that will attract and provide pollen and nectar year-round for our native California bees.

Native Plants for Slope Planting Download Preview

Nontraditional, highly effective techniques and native plant list for covering and stabilizing your slope.

Native Trees Download Preview

Looking for an appropriate street tree, an attractive shade tree, a flowering patio tree, or a stately specimen tree?

Natives For Basketry Download Preview

An informative summary of natives used by indigenous tribes.

Natives for Butterflies Download Preview

Includes plants that attract Monarchs, Tiger Swallowtails and even the state butterfly, the California Dogface!

Natives for Hummingbirds Download Preview

We interviewed some of Tree of Life’s resident Hummingbirds, and these are a few of their favorites!

Natives for Poolside Download Preview

Unique, colorful, tidy natives for surrounding backyard pools.

Natives for Screens Download Preview

In many landscape scenarios, a tall, dense shrub is necessary to provide a living barrier. The following is a list of drought tolerant, evergreen native plants with dense growth.

Natives for Songbirds Download Preview Warblers, Towhees, Wrens, Waxwings, Robins, Thrashers, Finches, Sparrows, Thrushes, Kingbirds, Tanagers, Bluebirds, Orioles and Mockingbirds are all common and familiar songbirds that live in wilderness areas. Learn how you can attract and support common songbirds with native plants!
Naturalistic Plantings Download Preview

Create a truly inspiring setting right outside your door!

October — The Beginning of Planting Season Download Preview

Explains why California native plants are subject to seasonal planting.

Parkway and Parking Strip Plants Download Preview

These low-growing natives are perfect for parkways and parking strips.

Planting Natives Download Preview

When installing natives, care must be taken to ensure that the plants remain healthy and become "established." These are several strategies you can use to achieve good results.

Replace Your Lawn Download Preview

To cut back on your water bill, mowing, or give your yard a unique new look, a drought tolerant, native landscape is a rewarding,worthwhile alternative to the traditional lawn.

Replace Your Lawn: Kill the grass! Download Preview

Often the first step towards converting your lawn to a native plant garden is actually killing the grass.  This task can be as simple as turning off the water and digging up the roots to grow-kill cycles that can be daunting and require some patience.  In this article, we cover the bascis of identifying your grass, and coming up with an appropriate plan of attack.

Salvia — SAGE Download Preview

Aromatic foliage, brightly colored blossoms attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies, fast growth and interesting forms make them good natives to include in any landscape.

Silver Highlights Download Preview

This list of native plants contains some of the most beautiful, drought-adapted native foliage available.

Summer Color Download Preview

Use this list to bring summer color to your garden!

Summer Planting Questions Download Preview

Can't wait until the fall to plant? Check out these frequently asked questions about summer planting to help ensure your summertime success.

Summer Water for Native Plants Download Preview

This guide gives you helpful tips on how to water you native garden through the summer.

The Basic 1-2-3 on Soils for Natives Download Preview

A basic rundown on California plants and the soils in which they grow.

The California Garden Download Preview

By surrounding ourselves with landscapes that reflect the true nature of our region, we embrace the unique character that makes California such a wonderful place to live. The California garden is tended nature in miniature...

The Non-Lawn Front Yard Download Preview

Think about it. What do you really use your front yard for? In fact, do you even use your front yard? Consider the no-lawn alternative if you have not already...

TOLN Dudleya Quick List Download Preview

Tree of Life Nursery's Suzie made a "quick list" of the Dudleya available at Tree of Life Nursery. Take a look!

Top Ten Tree of Life Natives Download Preview

Find out which plants are our top sellers so you can have the hottest natives in your yard!


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