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If you want to take the bold and ecologically responsible step of replacing your lawn with natives, we’d love to help you out.  Be sure to come to one of our workshops offered throughout the year “Replacing Your Lawn (RYL) with Native Plants”.

Many people can get overwhelmed with the tips and tidbits mentioned about how to go about converting their ‘landscape’, (usually lawn…) into a native plant oasis. At Tree of Life Nursery, we are passionate about providing the tools necessary to help you continue native plant projects with confidence. Take a look at the wealth of information already available through our website.

We’ve broken it down into two categories… Plant Selection Help and Installation/ Maintenance Help

Plant Selection Help:

Comprehensive list of the plants We Grow as a in pdf format.

Lists “tired” landscaping “standard” shrubs with less needy and more attractive native plant counterparts.

Calendar of Color — Native plants organized by blooming season for year-round color

Eight themed garden ideas with accompanying plant lists

The must-have native plants for an authentic California Garden

Plant Profiles – Descriptions for individual species and varieties with color pictures… a valuable reference for professional designers and enthusiastic homeowners


Building a Habitat?


Installation/Maintenance Help:

Start here if you haven’t already read this… our

Removing the lawn:


Important installation Tips

Pay close attention to your soil conditions before you plant!

Complete with diagram, installation technique for native plants.

The ideal planting period for native plants is fall through spring. Get some advice on making your project successful!


Watering Tips

There are many more resources available on the web to help you in your planning if you are considering a switch to a more viable and gratifying landscape. In addition to the Internet, there are many books on the topic, which will give you even more information and images.

We invite you to visit our nursery during the hours we are open to the public.  Come and see over five hundred titles about California we carry in our retail center, Casa ‘La Paz’. The best part is, you can actually talk to our friendly employees and see the plants you might be considering for your landscape in one of the most beautiful outdoor spaces remaining in Orange County, (not that we’re biased at all!). We hope to see you soon.

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