Native plant quality is our passion.  

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Blending potting soil at Tree of Life Native Nursery requires precision measurement of all the ingredients to assure consistency.

Top quality, every time.  At Tree of Life Nursery, we believe that native plant landscaping and ecological restoration are both very important endeavors and that plants grown for projects in these fields should be only of the very highest quality.  That is why we produce all our plants ready to meet the rigors of any jobsite.  With excellent nursery hygiene, proper seasonal growth rates on our plants, targeted root:shoot ratios, root colonization with beneficial microorganisms (read about our mycorrhizae program), excellent drainage, monitored nutrition, and root systems that quickly establish on the new site, our plants are especially suitable for the challenging conditions found on any and every jobsite.

High Quality Soil-less Media.

For decades, the horticultural standard for healthy, pest-free, disease-free container stock has included the use of consistent, soil-less potting media.  Nurseries all over the world have avoided and dismissed the use of native soil or dirt in their container mixes for well over fifty years.  Hundreds of millions of forest tree, conservation, and habitat seedlings have been produced in containers and out-planted for reforestation worldwide.  They were grown in high quality soil-less media.  In every case, the medium was designed to produce a healthy nursery-grown plant, and also facilitate a rapid and effective transition by the roots into the native soils at the planting sites.

Tree of Life Nursery plants are grown in an exceptional blend of clean, composted, forest wood products and sharp (washed) sand, with the proper plant foods and amendments incorporated to assure excellent health.  No dirt.  The potting mix ages as the roots grow to fill the container, proving a healthy finished product and allowing for a successful transition from our nursery conditions to your landscape situations.  Our plants readily adapt to your site because of the way we grow them in the nursery.

High-Quality.  Our potting mix (proprietary recipe) exceeds the highest standards in the industry.  With fuel and transportation costs constantly rising, our raw materials have doubled in price in the last few years.  Despite these increased expenses, we simply refuse to compromise on the ingredients.  We start with a high quality potting mix and then we make our plants even stronger by incorporating beneficial microorganisms:  native mycorrhizae (Glomus spp.), a fungal plant symbiont (Trichoderma), and PGPR (plant growth promoting rhizobacteria).  This insures that you will have success at your planting site every time.

Professionalism.  Tree of Life Native Nursery holds to the highest standards in all aspects of plant production.  Our owners and managers are active members of International Plant Propagators Society and California Association of Nurseries and Garden Centers.  We strive for excellence in our daily activities and participate in numerous meetings and conferences throughout the state, addressing the concerns of growers.  We stay involved as part of our own continuing education as well as frequently presenting papers and talks to share our experience and knowledge with others.

For more images of our Propagation and Nursery Facility, please see our photo album: Nursery Scenes and Gardens.

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