Seed Mixes

Tree of Life Nursery is proud to present our selection of nine specific seed mixes for use in California gardens.  The seeds and the blends and of the highest quality anywhere, thanks to our exclusive agreement with S&S Seeds. There are no exotic (non-native) species, no cheap fillers, and no so-called "wildflowers" (in other inferior mixes these are usually species native to the American prairie states).  All species in all our mixes are California natives.

A seed mix is more than just a combination of seeds.  Each mix has been carefully formulated in regards to the proportions of each species in the mix.  This requires special attention to germination rates, seed weight, size and shape of each plant at maturity, flowering season (start and finish), flower color, coverage based on recommended rates, and cost.  For descriptions and prices of each mix, please scroll down to see the seed mix descriptions.

Please inquire regarding customized seed blends or special mixes for use in habitat restoration projects.  For more than 25 years, Tree of Life Nursery Seed Mixes have been the high standard for readily available, economical, pre-blended native wildflower mixes, ready for any landscape situation.  They can be used in hydroseed application (large areas) or simply hand seeded in bare areas and over new or existing landscape plantings.

Planting Instructions:

The seedbed or area to be seeded should be prepared by light cultivation and weed removal.  Optimum planting season is November 15 through March 31, just prior to anticipated rain.  Broadcast the seed evenly over soil surface.  Rake the area lightly to incorporate seed into the top 1/4"-1/2" of soil.  A top dressing of composted organic mulch (not manure) is recommended to help maintain even moisture during the germination period.

A common mistake is to plant too much seed, resulting in, a) running out of seed before you finish planting the entire area or, b) crowded seed with not enough room to germinate and mature, and too a dense planting that will not flower and set seed properly.

In order to evenly spread (for example) a pound of seed over a 2000 square foot area, you have to, a) sow the pure seed very carefully and sparingly or, b) bulk up the seed with sand or sawdust so that you are dealing with a greater volume of material.  If you sow pure seed, you can inspect the ground and look for individual seeds spaced approximately 3-6” apart.   If you "bulk up" the mix, you can cast out bigger handfuls.  Take care to not simply throw bulked up seed high into the wind, as the sand or sawdust will separate from the seed and you will not get the even distribution you are trying for.  Also, be careful to continually stir and mix the seed in the bulk material so that it does not consolidate or separate out during while you are walking around sowing seed.  You can do it in a bucket or a wheelbarrow.


Irrigate just enough (between rains) to maintain soil moisture during germination.  After germination until initial flowering, sprinkle the area to a depth of about 2 inches.  After flowering, little to no supplemental water should be needed.

At the end of the flowering season, allow the annual plants to set seed.  The flower heads will dry up and the entire plant will begin to die.  To be sure the seed will be there for next year, you can, a) do nothing and just let the old plants dry up and blow away or b) crush and shake and pulverize, to the extent possible, all the dry material and remove it if you consider it unsightly.  Just be sure to wait until the seed has set and leave the seed behind so you will have wildflowers again next year.

Application Rates:

Ounces/Square Feet

1 oz           136 Sq Ft
3 oz           400
6oz            800
8oz           1000
1 lb           2176
20lbs        1 acre

Beach Mix – $6.25

Beach Mix Beach Mix is a blend of fast growing wildflowers especially suited for sandy soils near the coast.  The species are fast growing, typically early bloomers, and the mix has a long [...]

Butterfly Mix – $7.75

Butterfly Mix This mixture of annuals contains wildflowers that attract butterflies and offer both nectar and larval hosts to our native species.  For a more complete butterfly garden, combine [...]

Desert Mix – $5.75

Desert Mix Desert Mix is appropriate for use in the desert regions, and also for gardeners who want to achieve a desert “look” or for use as a over-seed mix in a desert garden.  The [...]

Foothill Mix – $6.25

Foothill Mix Foothill Mix epitomizes one of our most iconic landscapes, the chapparal/cismontane regions of southern California.  You can picture the oak woodlands, the clearings in the shrub [...]

Meadow Mix – $5.25

Meadow Mix A drought tolerant meadow is an excellent replacement for resource intensive, inefficient lawn.  This mixture of perennial bunchgrasses and herbaceous flowering natives will create a [...]

Mountain Mix – $5.50

Mountain Mix Mountain Mix is the perfect seed blend to compliment the forest landscape.  Of course you can use it in mountain situations, or in any native garden where you want to evoke the [...]

Nature Mix – $4.50

Nature Mix Cool Text about Nature Mix Price Per Ounce – $4.5016 oz = 1 lb.  10% Discount for orders of 1 lb or more. Botanic Name Common Name Flower Color Life Cycle Clarkia bottae [...]

Shade Mix – $5.75

Shade Mix Cool text about Shade Mix. Price Per Ounce – $5.7516 oz = 1 lb.  10% Discount for orders of 1 lb or more. Botanical Name Common Name Flower Color Life Cycle Achillea millefolium [...]

Trail of Flowers – $5.75

Trail of Flowers Cool text about Trail of Flowers. Price Per Ounce – $5.7516 oz = 1 lb.  10% Discount for orders of 1 lb or more. Botanical Name Common Name Flower Color Life Cycle Baileya [...]

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