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Thirty years ago, we started on a path to promote regionally appropriate horticulture.  We grow.  Inspired by our natural surroundings, we simply provide the finest quality California native plants on the market.  Staying true to our original vision, we grow plants for naturally sustainable landscapes and, as stewards of the beautiful land we farm; we strive to operate a truly “green” business.  You have to practice what you preach.

Our knowledgeable propagation, production and sales crews make up a team (more like a family) of long-term experts that have developed and honed reliable, efficient methods for growing and delivering natives.  Our clientele, many of whom have been with us for years, have come to expect nothing but the highest quality and service.  Our newer customers are pleased to learn how easy it is to use Tree of Life native plants in their gardens.  By propagating over 500 species and varieties of native plants for the wholesale and retail trades, we provide a means by which our land can be restored and revived with California’s most precious resources.

Our first printed catalog was typeset and published in 1982.  It was called “California Native Plants.”  Since 1986, the official title has been “Plants of El Camino Real,” which alludes to the Mission era, the romantic Spanish heritage, and the famous road connecting the old settlements of our coastal foothills and valleys.  We like that name, so we’ll keep it, even into the digital age.

Our most recent version of the printed Tree of Life Nursery catalog of California native plants, “Plants of El Camino Real” is here presented on the Web in PDF Format……

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