On Ortega Highway Now Open Again

As much as we have “enjoyed” our three (count ‘em 3) weeks (who’s counting? we are… 21 days) of lonesome (is there any other kind?) isolation out here with just the hummingbirds and hawks, frogs and owls, bright sunny days and dark starry nights, many flowers, and of course our dogs (who miss you by the way), we are Very Happy to announce that the Ortega Highway is now OPEN for access to Tree of Life Nursery from San Juan Capistrano. Yay!

In order to properly say “Yay!” with our dearest friends, we invite you, our loyal customers to a PARTY on SATURDAY FEBRUARY 25, 2017.

What: Proper Party to Properly Celebrate the Proper Reopening of the Proper Road
Where: Tree of Life Nursery
Event Title: Proper Pot Luck Lunch and Pie Proper (PPLLPP)
Date: Saturday February 25, 2017. 9:00am to 4:00pm, with the food mostly at mid-day time.
Details: We will clean out the barn and get ready for a party. We know how to do this and it is high time. You bring a dish or dessert for as many people as you think makes sense. We provide tables, chairs, plates etc., and beverages.
Activity: Everyone comes and goes as they please between Casa ‘La Paz’ and the barn for a day of native plants, food, fellowship, and celebration.
Bonus: Special deals, free gifts, drawings, and fun stuff throughout the day.


Your friends at Tree of Life Nursery Casa ‘La Paz’

P.S. Tank (our ranch dog) is really looking forward to this.

PPS. Here’s the event theme song:
Let Us Get Together Right Down Here – Hot Tuna

Featured Photo Credit: Sarah Bryant, Tree of Life Nursery © 2017

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