Saturday May 6
RYL I: Kill Your Lawn
The first step in transitioning to a more sustainable garden is removing your water hungry lawn. However, killing your lawn can be more involved than you would expect (depending on the type of grass you have) and the methods to get rid of a lawn are quite varied.  Avoid unnecessary labor and learn several successful methods for lawn removal, depending on your turf type, budget, and timeline. Join Tree of Life’s Sam Manning as he gives this practical, easy-to-follow talk about how to remove your lawn to make way for a fresh and more sustainable landscape.

Photo: Alisa Flint, Tree of Life Nursery ©

Saturday May 13
RYL II: Creating and Caring for Your Native Garden

Now that you have killed your grass, and you are working on your design, what are you supposed to do? Tree of Life Nursery owner, Mike Evans will share from our booklet, “Creating and Caring for your Native Garden,” that you can download here: icon Creating and Caring for your Native Garden. Bringing his over 35 years of experience with these plants, as well as just as many years of site-prep, initial irrigation techniques and working with tricky landscape situations, Mike will teach you how to create a thriving and enjoyable native garden. As he has mentioned to us for years and years: “Maintenance is what you do for your car, you CARE for your plants!”

Saturday May 20
RYL III: Design Basics
Pat Overby is a lifetime educator and long time designer of California native plant gardens. Her many years of expertise coupled with her ability to educate make her one of the most easy to follow design instructors we’ve had. If you want practical information about how to get started with what can be a daunting task of changing your landscape, you will NOT want to miss this workshop. Come ready to work out some of your pressing questions with Pat as this tends to be an interactive and fun workshop.

Photo: Laura Camp, Tree of Life Nursery ©

Saturday May 27
RYL IV: Plant Selection – Gardening with Desert Plants
Tree of Life’s Kevin Alison will give a talk on the plants of our California deserts, covering the evolution of desert habitats as well as common adaptations of desert plants that allow them to survive and thrive in hot, dry climates. He will also highlight desert plants that can be planted throughout the summer and will add summer color to your garden!

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