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Eleocharis macrostachya

Clumping perennial sedge from rhizomes, rounded upright leaves

Eleocharis montevidensis

Low tufted perennial with slender grasslike leaves

Elymus glaucus

Spreading cool-season grass, great groundcover, slope-stabilizer

Encelia californica

Woody subshrub, bright green foliage, yellow daisy-type flower, fast grower

Encelia farinosa

Woody subshrub, white-silvery leaves, yellow flowers, easy to grow, good inland

Epilobium canum

Perennial, linear tomentose green to gray leaves, orange-red flowers

Epilobium canum ssp. canum

Perennial, gray-green foliage, profuse bright orange-red flowers

Epilobium canum ssp. latifolium

Woody perennial, wide green bright red trumpet-shaped flowers, hummingbirds

Epilobium canum ‘Catalina’

Herbaceous perennial, gray-green leaves, large brilliant red flowers, long season
horticultural selection E. canum: origin = cuttings (1987) Middle Ranch, Catalina Island, Los Angeles Co.; intro Tree of Life Nursery 1990

Epilobium ‘Everett’s Choice’

Groundcover, gray-green lanceolate leaves, large dark orange-red flowers, trailing
horticultural selection of E. canum; intro Everett Butts, Wapumne Nursery, Lincoln, CA 19__

Epilobium ‘Wayne’s Silver’

Small-scale groundcover, silver/white leaves, bright red flowers, rock garden
horticultural selection E. septentrionale: origin = seed collected (1970) by Wayne Roderick, Eel River, Humboldt Co., selection by Nevin Smith; intro UC Berkeley 19__

Ericameria cuneata var. macrocephala

Dense woody perennial, tiny deep green leaves, disk-type yellow flowers, rock outcrops, rare

Ericameria palmeri var. palmeri

Semi-evergreen large shrub, dandelion-like yellow flowers, fast growth, threatened by urban development

Erigeron glaucus ‘Arthur Menzies’

Herbaceous perennial, very compact form, lavender flowers, nice small-scale groundcover
horticultural selection E. glaucus: origin = selected by Wayne Roderick, named for former horticulturist at Golden Gate Park; intro Leonard Coates Nsy 1977

Erigeron glaucus ‘Bountiful’

Evergreen perennial, grey-green leaves, large lavender flowers, can tolerate some salt and wind, attracts butterflies
horticultural selection E. glaucus 'Arthur Menzies'; origin= seedling, intro Bart O'Brien, RSABG

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