Dudleya: California Live-Forever Tree of Life Nursery’s own contract specialist, Suzie muses about Dudleya… California’s native succulents, like Transformers™, are more than meets the [...]

Masses of Grasses

Grasses, mostly perennial clumping varieties, have made an impressive debut onto the modern landscape scene.   We have recently seen garden grasses featured in books and articles, planted in [...]

Plant Information

Plant Catalog Download our 40-page plant catalog, including information on over 500 native plants. Featured Plants Read special articles about Galvezia, Epilobium, Buckwheats and more here. [...]

Spring into Summer!

The days have become warmer and we are all enjoying longer hours of daylight… including your native plants in the landscape!  You may have noticed your plants pushing out surprising amounts of [...]

Eriogonum (Buckwheat)

Eriogonum cinereum In the wild, Eriogonum, from the Polygonaceae or Buckwheat family, is one of the largest genuses in California with over 125 species, including annual forms. Buckwheats occupy [...]

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